My Mission

Hymnwear’s mission is to display hymn lyrics through wearable art on T shirts as an expression and reminder of the truth in Harmony with God’s word.

I take meaningful words or familiar titles from hymns of the church and print on T shirts. I try to use words that can encourage other Christians and be a witness to a non believer. Sometimes the words can open up a conversation between believers that reminds us of the hope and joy we share in Christ. It can also challenge us to explain the expressions to non believers. All of my shirts have a tag that contains the story of the hymn , the words , and a scripture that it reflects. I use only hymns that are in the Public Domain and not subject to copyright laws.

I design and print the shirts myself using a screen printed transfer that is heat pressed onto a good quality shirt. I have been doing this for about three years and welcome comments that will help me make a shirt that someone would be proud to wear.

At this time I don’t have a ” store” but travel to gospel music events and sell in person. I enjoy fellowship with people that share my love of the hymns. It also is an opportunity to hear why they buy a shirt and what the scriptures and stories mean to them. People can order a shirt by sending me a message. I can also do shirts for a group.

Next Steps…

You can send me a message if you see something you like or if you want to make a comment. Read my blog!